Google profits in India

Many of the large internet companies in India and elsewhere are making losses. One of the main reasons why Google is one of the most profitable internet companies in the world is that it has a near monopoly on search in most of the countries where it is operating and has almost no competition. For example in India, google has a 95% or larger share of search and in most large internet countries it has more than 70% market share.

Google is auctioning the ranking for google adwords, and since it has a near monopoly in the market, with no competition, advertisers are forced to pay a very high price for advertising increasing the profit of google. Most indian officials and indian media falsely claims that google has a large share of the indian market because it gives very good search results. However most prolific readers and internet users in India find that the quality of google search results remain fairly poor. The real reason why google has a monopoly in the indian market, is because the government officials especially ntro do not offer any support to indians with experience online, instead wasting indian tax payer money to maximize google profits.

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