google continues to support greedy shameless CYBERCRIMINAL indore bespectacled ROBBER raw employee deepika/veena in her domain ownership, financial fraud

google is aware that the greedy shameless CYBERCRIMINAL indore bespectacled housewife ROBBER raw employee deepika/veena has never invested money in domains, has no online income like deepika’s shameless scammer boyfriends, mhow monster puneet, prakash, j srinivasan.
yet in one of the greatest BRIBERY rackets in the world, google has bribed the madhya pradesh, indian government R&AW to falsely claim that the indore robber raw employee deepika who has never invested any money in domains like other fraud raw/cbi employees , owns the domains of a google competitor, a single woman engineer, with a better 1989 jee rank than google ceo sundar pichai, so that the indore ROBBER raw employee deepika gets a monthly raw salary at the expense of the google competitor, a single woman engineer, who is paying a huge amount for domain renewals annually.
The BRIBES offered by google, LIAR madhya pradesh government to top raw employees are so huge, that the domain ownership fraud has continued since 2010, The indian government, R&AW employees are pathological LIARS, extremely shameless with no self respect, that they continue to dupe people, companies and countries that indore’s most shameless fraud housewife deepika/veena, who does not control any domain, owns this and other domains of a private citizen, single woman engineer who has no one to help or defend her against the GREEDY LIAR SHAMELESS FRAUD madhya pradesh and other state governments. R&AW